This Man Was Bullied At School For Having Ginger Hair, And Now He’s An International Model

Meet Louis Evans, 22, your new redhead crush.

1. Here’s Louis as a young boy.

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2. He was bullied by other kids in his home town of Lowestoft: they called him “Rusty”.

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3. He struggled to find girlfriends as he battled severe acne in his teens.

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4. Then suddenly he hit 20, and this happened. Lukasz Suchorab
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5. BOOM. Lukasz Suchorab
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6. However, despite his acne clearing up and some HIGH cheekbones popping out, Louis still lacked confidence.

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7. His mum kept telling him he could apply to modelling agencies, but he didn’t believe her. Lukasz Suchorab
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8. In fact, he only did it because he was bored of his dead-end job as a stationary salesman. Lukasz Suchorab
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9. He tells the Daily Mail: “I always had so much drive and ambition and energy but I never knew what to do with it.” Lukasz Suchorab
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10. Since then, he’s appeared at London Fashion Week, in British Vogue, and will take part in June’s Milan Fashion Week. Lukasz Suchorab
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11. And ironically it’s his ginger hair that has made him so popular in Europe, where red headed models are in high demand. Lukasz Suchorab
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Alan White is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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