Here’s Proof That Having A Beard Makes You More Employable

Javier Sanz spent hours searching for work on an Internet marketplace and made a surprising discovery about facial hair.

1. Here’s Javier without a beard.

2. And here’s Javier with a photoshopped beard.

3. You might not think the beard would make a lot of difference. You’d be wrong.

When Javier responded to job openings with the bearded picture, the response rate jumped from 12% to 35%.

4. He tried the experiment last year, when he worked for more than 1,200 hours on oDesk, an online marketplace to find work you can do from home.

Alan White / Buzzfeed

5. He is an expert on Search Engine Optimisation, and believes that similar techniques will become increasingly important on these new-age jobs sites. He told Wired:

If I ever come back to use these sites, I will try to spend time improving my profile before improving my newbie coding skills.

6. His blog contains a lot of handy job-seeking tips:

He shows the importance of using a catchy message in the web interface, boosting your ranking in the internal search engine and more. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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