This Is How The Internet Responded To Budget Day

Contains inflated Boulton.

5. To be honest all of BuzzFeed’s alternatives were better.

Royal Mint/Robin Edds/BuzzFeed

6. Craiiiig David.

Royal Mint/Ailbhe Malone/BuzzFeed

7. Anyway, Labour quickly launched its attempt at a viral attack.

Labour /Alan White / BuzzFeed

10. By this point the only really good thing that had happened could be found about one minute into this video…

BBC / Alan White / BuzzFeed

17. (Always remember to check your Boulton is correctly inflated before broadcast).

Shutterstock / Twitter: @adamboultonsky / Alan White / BuzzFeed

18. Then there was a lot of chatter about George Osborne “pulling a rabbit out of his hat” but no one knew what it was or what it meant.

19. By now it was time for the Chancellor to show off his red box, which is never awkward.

BBC / Alan White / BuzzFeed

20. Especially when everyone buggers off while he’s having his moment.

BBC / Alan White / BuzzFeed

25. The opposition were captivated.

Jim Waterson / BuzzFeed

26. There now follows a breakdown of the important bits of the Chancellor’s speech.

It will be illustrated by increasingly less relevant GIFs.

27. Bingo duty halved to 10% / Tax on fixed odds betting terminals raised to 25%.

28. Duty on Scotch whisky to be frozen/Beer duty to be cut by 1p a pint.

29. That’s a whole £1.30 a year, people.

Twitter: @hmtreasury / Alan White / BuzzFeed

30. And changes to the welfare cap, a new ISA and a change to the higher rate tax threshold all of which will have to be represented with this GIF.

31. Ed Miliband then got up and attacked the Chancellor while Nick Clegg talked to Danny Alexander about the state of the ceiling in the House of Commons.


32. Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle was quite funny although the bar was pretty low.

Jim Waterson / BuzzFeed

34. Anyway, he evidently had. And that was the 2014 Budget.

Twitter: @adamboultonsky / Alan White / BuzzFeed

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