This Is Everything We Know About The Football Match Fixing Arrests

This could be one of the biggest sporting scandals for decades. It’s reported that three men have now been charged.

1. This is quite the front page.

2. In the past two days, Officers from the National Crime Agency have arrested six men.

They were made after an an investigation by The Telegraph that found match fixers from Asia were targeting games across Britain. They are being held under the bribery and fraud Acts at a police station in the Midlands

4. The three men arrested include at least three footballers and Delroy Facey, a former player (now agent) who has played in the Premier League.

5. The Telegraph is hosting this video of a fixer on its website.

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6. It’s pretty stunning stuff.

The fixer claims he would pay a player £5,000 to take a yellow card at the start of a match as a signal that the result was likely to be fixed.

7. This is a global operation. The fixer, from Singapore, says he controls teams in other European countries and can buy referees.

In England the cost is very high … usually for the players it is £70,000

8. The teams involved are not in the Premier League.

And their names can’t be disclosed because this is an active operation.

10. Here’s the fixer claiming he knows the result of an upcoming game.

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11. He says of the team involved:

I know because they all tell me every time. Because sometimes I have extra money, I just send them some money … because sometimes they need money or they call me so I just leave them some pocket money.

14. Basically The Telegraph is killing it today.

Here’s a rather spanking interactive graphic on worldwide match fixing.

15. This is the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) statement on the arrests. It’s rather short.

16. But this is the first NCA operation to make the headlines.

It was launched this year, whereupon it was dubbed “Britain’s FBI”.

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