These Grandfathers Getting Married Might Just Make You Well Up

The New York Times first posted this video of two men who had been together since the Vietnam War, adopted a baby, became grandfathers, and finally got married.

1. Lewis Duckett and Billy Jones have been together a long time.

ID: 2260573

2. They were introduced through a mutual friend and…

ID: 2260585

3. They wrote just about every day when Billy was deployed to Vietnam.

ID: 2260622

4. But they had to be careful, and wrote in code so their relationship was kept secret.

ID: 2260584

5. Then they adopted a child. They’re now grandfathers.

ID: 2260586

6. And last year this happened.

ID: 2260590

7. Which is pretty much the sweetest thing that ever happened.

ID: 2260591

8. The tears. The tears.

ID: 2260593

9. Watch the full video here.

ID: 2260595

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Alan White is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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