These Adverts By The Norwegian Association Of The Blind Are Hilarious

They’re the work of advertising agency TRY/APT, and they’re utterly delightful.

1. This advert, from eight months ago, has started to go viral.

ID: 2271344

2. It features some extraordinary scenes.

ID: 2271345

3. And you should definitely watch it in full.

ID: 2271302

4. But it’s not the only hilarious ad the charity has put out. They’ve shown why offices should hire blind people.

ID: 2271249

5. For various reasons.

ID: 2271252

6. They’ve (adorably) shown why puppies should become guide dogs.

ID: 2271317

7. And they’ve shown why you shouldn’t disrupt guide dogs at work.

ID: 2271251

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Alan White is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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