21 Individuals Who Should Have Just Stayed In Bed Today

Seriously. The world is a terrible place.

1. Anyone whose head gets mistaken for a football. Or indeed, mistakes a head for a football.

4. Anyone who feels stuck in a rut.

5. Anyone being tortured by their armbands.

7. Any tourists whose transport malfunctions.

8. Any policeman who can’t use a Segway.

AFV / Via buzzfeed.com

9. Anyone traumatised by their language classes.

11. Anyone standing next to this kid.

12. Any goalkeeper who does this.

13. Anyone trying to make a break for it.

14. The recipient of this.

15. The owner of this dog.

16. Anyone loved too much.

17. Anyone hit by this tram.

19. This golfer.

20. Anyone in the audience when this happened.


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