This Guy Gave His Bride-To-Be A “Frozen” Marriage Proposal And It Was Really Very Sweet

“Can I say something crazy?”

1. Yeah, this happened.

That’s Brian Davis, 23, proposing to his girlfriend, Michelle Seguin, 22. And yes, they’re dressed as Prince Hans and Princess Anna.

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2. They met when they were teenagers. Brian says he knew he wanted to marry her the day after he met her.

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3. So he secretly had some costumes made, getting Michelle’s mum to help work out her dress size. Fortunately, he nailed it.

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4. Then he had to find a castle. Which is kind of tricky when you live in Denver, Colorado.

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5. The Castle Marne Inn did the job.

He told Medavia: “I convinced Michelle we were going to go out for dinner for our fourth anniversary. I dropped off Michelle’s dress at her house with instructions to wear it. I then saddled up the horse, which was called Romeo, and rode him to the Castle Marne Inn.

“As Michelle arrived I felt my heart beating fast but I never questioned what I was about to do. I was ready to ask her. I rode up on Romeo, dismounted and proposed to her beside the castle, under a vine arch.”

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6. And she said…

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7. …YES! (Of course).

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