Sad Keanu Doll Is The Perfect Valentine’s Gift For Lonely Singles

You’ve seen the meme. Now get the action figure…

1. You may remember this meme from a few years back.

ID: 2341965

2. You know: this one.

ID: 2341971

3. This one.

ID: 2341977

4. Etc.

ID: 2341982

5. Well, you can now buy the action figure from Shapeways.

ID: 2341987

6. It’ll set you back $45.00.

Shapeways/kotaku / Via
ID: 2341996

7. And what a beautiful thing it is.

Shapeways/kotaku / Via
ID: 2342002

8. Magnificent.

Shapeways/kotaku / Via
ID: 2342009

9. Even Keanu likes it.

ID: 2342006

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Alan White is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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