Russians Are Shaving Their Beards In Reaction To Conchita Wurst’s Eurovision Win

If they weren’t happy about her taking part, they’re even less happy now. (h/t and Vice).

1. Remember how people in Russia and Belarus launched petitions to ban television stations from broadcasting Eurovision if Wurst took part?

And how the audience at Eurovision didn’t exactly give Russia the warmest of reactions during the contest?

4. This rapper challenged his followers to “prove you’re not Conchita”.

7. Of course, there’s a healthy dose of politics in the background. The Russian deputy prime minister said it: “Showed supporters of European integration their European future: a bearded girl.”

10. There’s also this image going around:

11. “This was the last time I watched Eurovision”.

12. “Austrian men aren’t the same any more”.

13. And of course they had to bring Disney princesses into it.

14. “Now it’s clear who makes Europeans hard.”


(h/t to Aljona Lindsalu for spotting the above five images).

15. Upon her jubilant return to Vienna, Conchita pledged to promote tolerance.

© Leonhard Foeger / Reuters / Reuters

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