Mothers Sleep On The Streets To Raise £150,000 For Homeless Youths

As charity stunts go, this one’s pretty awesome.

1. This is Vivian Greaves.

ID: 2981597

2. Twenty years ago she lost custody of her child and became homeless.

ID: 2981518

3. She was eventually taken in by Covenant House, a privately-funded charity to help homeless children.

ID: 2981538

4. She felt suicidal as a result of losing her daughter.

ID: 2981551

5. WIth Covenant House’s help she got a job and an apartment and has now been reunited with her child.

ID: 2981571

6. She took part in the charity’s latest initiative. It put out a call to mothers to spend a night on the streets in solidarity with young homeless people.

ID: 2981592

7. Sleep Out: Mothers Edition was held in Houston and New York.

ID: 2981620

8. It eventually raised $260,000.

ID: 2981627

9. Well done ladies!

ID: 2981631

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Alan White is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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