Matt Lucas Trying To Make A New Friend Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today

The Little Britain star dines out, checks his phone, and something lovely happens.

Matt was having lunch when he noticed some curious behaviour on the table next to him.


Things got awkward…

Matt’s approach didn’t seem to be going too well…

They're laughing and reading my tweets but still haven't said hello. The young generation, eh?

— RealMattLucas (@The Matt In The Hat)

Waiting patiently whilst laughing breaks out next to me.

— RealMattLucas (@The Matt In The Hat)

I want them to be my friends but they have to say hi first because grown ups can't approach teenage girls anymore.

— RealMattLucas (@The Matt In The Hat)

A connection was made!

@RealMattLucas yeh well my parents told me not to talk to strangers...

— izzywarner12 (@izzy)

@izzywarner12 no izzy, you'll have to say hello in the flesh. I was born in 1974 and this is how my people do it.

— RealMattLucas (@The Matt In The Hat)

And so Matt issued an ultimatum.

Still waiting

— RealMattLucas (@The Matt In The Hat)

I'm putting my phone down and I'm not tweeting again until they say hello.

— RealMattLucas (@The Matt In The Hat)

By now his followers were waiting with bated breath.

@RealMattLucas Hope you're not waiting for too long.

— BenGambrill (@Ben Goffe)

@RealMattLucas @izzywarner12 on a knife edge here

— UtdCH (@craig haynes)

They even started punning to diffuse the tension.

@RealMattLucas @izzywarner12 This could be beautiful if one of you says hello. Share a gyoza!

— jcreedy (@jcreedy)

@RealMattLucas @izzywarner12 that'll leave her wanton more

— pumpin_irony (@jake chapman)

Fifteen whole minutes passed. AND THEN…

Matt and Izzy. BFFs forever.

— RealMattLucas (@The Matt In The Hat)

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