Man Makes Polite Request To Photoshop Community, Carnage Predictably Ensues

Basic rule of life: don’t ask people to Photoshop your picture for you.

1. So over at Retouching Academy, a polite request came in a few days ago.

ID: 2819664

2. Julia, from the academy’s team, writes:

Needless to say, that’s not how I spend my time (retouching snapshots for strangers at no charge), and normally I would disregard this message, but this time (thanks to the Retouching Academy team members, and specifically to Jaron), I took a moment to share the source file in our Retouching Academy Community Group.

I made sure the owner of the photo was ok if my friends touched it up for him, of course.

ID: 2819681

3. We know where this is going, don’t we?

John Paul Zampetti / Via
ID: 2819689
John Paul Zampetti / Via
ID: 2819696
Christina Kaykova / Via
ID: 2819702
Christina Kaykova / Via
ID: 2819703
Tina Barker / Via
ID: 2819705
Levi Sherman / Via
ID: 2819709
Hermawan Tjioe / Via
ID: 2819717
Simon Jenkins / Via
ID: 2819712
Alicia Rae Hansen / Via
ID: 2819721
Akshay Sawant / Via
ID: 2819723
Mehmet Kocaman / Via
ID: 2819732
Daive Rich / Via
ID: 2819741
Tony Anastasi / Via
ID: 2819746
Viviana Stockwell / Via
ID: 2819753

17. And many lols were had, not least by the guy who made the original request…

ID: 2819764

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