Just In Case Anyone Still Thinks Nigel Farage Was A Punk In 1983, He Wasn’t

Another important reminder that everything you read on the internet is basically a lie. Updated: the creator has been revealed!

2. Debunking’s a tedious job but someone had to do it, and in this case it fell to Michael Rawlins, who does all sorts of, um, journalisty things.

3. Step one: take a splendid photo of a punk.

REX/Nils Jorgensen

4. Step two: add the face from one PA photo of Farage and tilt the head forward slightly.

Gareth Fuller/PA Archive/Press Association Images

5. Boom. A meme is created.

6. Sorry. It’s a fake.

Paramount / Via knowyourmeme.com

7. Updated: April 29 2:58 p.m. BST:

The artist who made the picture has got in touch. It’s the work of Sketch-a-Etch, who did these brilliant Lichtenstein GIFs.

8. They say:

It was originally going to be Michael Gove but i couldn’t find an image that was the right angle so i chose Farage because the Media are obsessed with him & there are loads more images. I normally sign my images but people would realise that it was a fake if i had so i made it black & white then sent it out. Then it goes viral & i get no credit maybe 50 extra followers! I’ve done it before with Jeremy Hunt but that didn’t get as much attention.

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