ITV Asked People To Submit Their #Goalface On Twitter And Now Everyone’s Trolling Them

Hashtag fail of the evening. So far.

1. This was never going to go wrong, was it?

ID: 3140114

2. Oh.

ID: 3140129
ID: 3140120
ID: 3140121


— Moose Allain (@MooseAllain)
ID: 3140227


— Hildy Snat MBE (@a_blooming_loss)
ID: 3140123


— Cronkster (@Cronkster1)
ID: 3140119


— Mitch Benn (@MitchBenn)
ID: 3140270


— 40% Prufrock (@BryceElder)
ID: 3140269


— Freya (@FuzzCookies)
ID: 3140125

12. Winner.

#Grohlface…oh wait… I misheard. #goalface

— Inspector Morose (@InspectorMorose)
ID: 3140127

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