It’s David Bowie’s Birthday And The Internet Is Very Excited About It

The Thin White Duke turns 67 today.

1. As we all know, David Bowie is God.

Jo Hale / Getty

2. God.

Jo Hale / Getty

3. No, really.

4. People can barely believe it’s his birthday.

6. They’re finding all sorts of ways to mark this Special Day.

Here's Bowie celebrating his birthday by reading Viz on a train.

— profanityswan (@Andy Dawson)

7. Their faith is undying.

David Bowie is definitely reading your Happy Birthday Tweets

— eddychemical (@ed simons)

8. It’s making them introspective.

As I get older, it's informative to note my interests are narrowing down to a) socialism b) Bowie c) lost toys d) complaining about a smell.

— caitlinmoran (@Caitlin Moran)

9. We’re being reminded how broad his fan base has always been.

Sid Vicious going to see Bowie, 1973.

— ClassicPixs (@Classic Pics)

10. Watching Lego reconstructions of his life.

11. Sharing classic performances on YouTube.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID BOWIE! Space Oddity - rare TV live performance (1970) cc: @DavidBowieReal @ManMadeMoon

— bonniegrrl (@Bonnie Burton)

12. (Even corporate accounts).

Our site may be temporarily down for some users - here's David Bowie singing 'Heroes' to occupy you while we fix it

— Econsultancy (@Econsultancy)

13. Tumblr’s going crazy.

14. This is happening on Pinterest.

15. And that’s because this man…

Peter Kramer / Getty

16. …is God.

Hulton Archive / Getty

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