17 Signs Hurricane Bertha Hasn’t Quite Lived Up To Expectations So Far

Carry on, everyone.

Remember the STORMS MAYHEM that was heading our way?

You know – it was threatening HAVOC?

1. Well, it turns out we probably didn’t need to worry quite so much.

2. The truth is, we are British; as we all know, we keep a stiff upper lip in the face of adversity.

3. We see positives everywhere.

4. Everywhere.

I've always wanted a swimming pool in the garden #Bertha

— KenMcErlain83 (@Ken McErlain)

5. Yes. Times are tough.

Hurricane Bertha wreaked havoc in Barbican Waitrose. Tense scenes - people unable to reach dusted lemon sole fillets.

— MiriKoKoBop (@Miriam BeatGirl)

6. And we don’t know why this is happening to us.

Has anyone asked what the demands of Hurricane Bertha are? #NegotiatorPro

— MorenikeAdebay0 (@Morenike Adebayo*)

7. But in the face of extreme weather…

#Bertha update for #Watford: warm, gentle breeze. Spot of rain earlier but sun breaking through.

— Trishie_D (@Trish D)

8. …in which an untold amount of damage has been caused…

Remnants of hurricane Bertha

— Noushnoush (@Anouska)

9. …we remain vigilant.

#Bertha has landed. As Ebbs in Transformers says #bringtherain

— scottycoley1 (@Scott Coley)

10. When confronted by a hurricane, we merely push up our brollies, and press on.

10.45 and even hurricane Bertha's downpour cannot put off 500 soaking wet raptor rhapsodists from marching to the dam

— BarryGardiner (@Barry Gardiner MP)

11. No matter how many times this image appears in our Twitter timelines.

Hurricane Bertha hits the UK with devastating force!

— piesportsbooze (@Pie Sports Booze)

12. Or this one.

Well this hurricane Bertha has caused havoc in my garden

— Tomsy700r (@Ryan Toms)

13. Or this one.

I can't be the only person for whom all this talk of (Hurricane) Bertha conjures up this image

— wallaceme (@Mark Wallace)

14. Bertha might knock us down.

Newsflash: Ex Hurricane #Bertha hits #Plymouth and blows #pug over!

— john_naismith (@John Naismith)

15. But we just get right back up again.

Hurricane Bertha? Pah! Half way to Hastings. Tis a touch blowy though!

— brian_baker2012 (@Brian Baker)

16. And enjoy the ride.


— FloPerry (@Flo Perry)

@hrtbps yup. All morning. Just watching.

— atticusandfinch (@Emily Blunden)

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