Ian Botham’s Twitter Account Just Posted One Of The Most Graphic Things You’ve Ever Seen From A Cricketer

NSFW. Really, really NSFW. Can’t stress that enough. Possible ball-tampering scandal ahead.

1. This is what’s known as “just short of a good length”.

Presumably the recipient is thinking: “It’s not even 9am on a Monday morning, Beefy.”

ID: 3613487

2. It did not go unnoticed.

ID: 3613499
ID: 3613658
ID: 3613729
ID: 3613701

I nominate Ian Botham for the ice bucket challenge.

— SimonNRicketts (@SimonNRicketts)
ID: 3613748

Ian Botham just showed everyone his Shredded Wheat.

— Lee Daly (@leedalyire)
ID: 3613490

8. Botham, for his part, says he was hacked.

@BeefyBotham not very funny whoever did that...!!

— Ian Botham (@BeefyBotham)
ID: 3613496

@RobbieSavage8 yes mate just changed my password !!! There's some idiots out there !!

— Ian Botham (@BeefyBotham)
ID: 3613494

10. The tweet has been deleted. The middle stump has gone.

BBC / Via youtube.com
ID: 3613507

Update: Michael Vaughan just posted this with the caption "hacker has got me as well".

In other news, Michael Vaughan is the funniest man ever to captain England.

ID: 3613915
ID: 3613919

13. Here’s a quick reminder of the time Sir Ian put David Boon off.

quick update on Ian Botham's dick and balls

— Joel Golby (@joelgolby)
ID: 3613541

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