19 Intensely Annoying Boner Problems

BOING!!! Go away.

1. Fact: Boners are largely terrible. Firstly, they appear in the morning when you want to pee, yet stop you from peeing.

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2. Or at least just turn the whole process into something messy and awful.

3. Hence you resort to desperate measures.

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4. They surprise you when you’re sitting in a class.

5. And though you might try to hide it…

6. At some point, you will have to tame it.

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7. They also pop up to say hello when you’re close to other people, whether you fancy them or not.

8. Seriously, though.

9. There is genuinely neither rhyme nor reason as to why they appear.

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10. But be under no illusions. The boner is always there. Watching. Waiting.

11. If you nap for just a second, the boner has you in its clutches.

12. And it will traumatise anyone in your immediate vicinity.

13. They also look ridiculous. No one has ever looked good with a boner.

14. No one finds boners sexy. No one.


15. It is almost impossible to conceal a boner at the beach.


16. Boners are stupid. So, so stupid.

17. The boner is the death of romance.

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18. The boner is a curse. It must be stopped.

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19. It. Must. Be. Stopped.

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Alan White is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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