Britain Attempted To Celebrate 420 And It Was About As Successful As You’d Expect

DYAMN. We know how to smoke good. Actually we don’t. We really, really don’t. Updated: Although it was actually all right in Manchester.

1. So Sunday was 420 (or, if you prefer, the 20th April) and around the world people had their smoke ON. People like Rihanna.

2. Everywhere, people just kicking back and blazing, enjoying the sun’s rays. Nice.

3. Yes. Puff puff pass.

4. #happy #love #peace #friends

Shut up and put your weed in the GODDAMN SURRENDER BIN.

Obviously there are some places where they carry the death penalty for it. But still.

14. Anyway, what do you mean, “lighten up and have fun, Britain”?

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