Avril Lavigne Posted Some Less Awkward Photos Of Her Brazil Meet And Greet

Ok, it’s certainly not a Rihanna meet and greet, but these look a little happier.

1. Over the weekend, a series of awkward-looking pictures of Avril meeting her fans went viral. The fans in the pictures had been told they couldn’t touch the singer. She’s now posted this set on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

ID: 2899818
ID: 2899815
ID: 2899769

4. She also posted pictures of herself with youth and staff from the Special Olympics, the world’s largest sports foundation for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

ID: 2899789

5. She was meeting them on behalf of the foundation for children with illness and disability she set up in 2010.

ID: 2899798

6. And one of her fans says that she was in fact hugged by Avril, against security’s wishes.

@AimeeLoav yes..the security says to don't touch or kiss her, to stay way...but some fans ask her for a hug and she gives! Including me!

— Mariana Zanchetta (@mahlavigne)
ID: 2899800

7. Well – there it is.

Arista Records / Via trintaeseis.com
ID: 2899814

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