A Charity Is Providing Weddings For Terminally Ill People And It’s Hugely Moving

There are some lovely people in the world. Let’s give these guys a hand if we can.

This is the wedding of Liam and Jill, who had been together for 20 years before they married.


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Liam was diagnosed with liver cancer and was given a prognosis of 12 months to live in January 2014.

Sadly, he died earlier this month. But not before he and Jill managed to get married. amberlightimages.co.uk

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Their wedding was organised by Gift Of A Wedding, a Manchester-based charity set up by Patricia Harrison in 2012.

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Patricia tells BuzzFeed: “My setting up this charity was a complete fluke.”


“I was talking to my husband’s secretary: she told me about a 27-year-old she knew who had brain cancer. He needed a wedding quickly. His family had put out a call for help, but had only raised £2,500. I owned a wedding planning business and knew lots of people in the industry, so I thought I’d see if they could help.”

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“I thought I’d get 10% off things or something – instead everyone said they do things for free.”


“We were all in the industry, we know how lucrative it can be. The key thing was I wasn’t asking for money, I was asking for goods and services. I just thought it would be easier. We just organised our last wedding at the end of July, and we thought we’d struggle: we didn’t. No-one’s asked us for a penny – including all the big high street firms, like Next, BHS, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. I want us to become the industry’s charity of choice.”

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So far Patricia has organised six weddings since the charity’s first, in 2013. But she needs your help.


She says: “The biggest thing people can do is donate dresses. If a bride wants a specific dress, we may need to purchase it. As people are buying vintage, we’re planning to sell some to raise money.”

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Find out more about the charity here. And here’s the Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.

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The original pictures used in this article were supplied by Gift of a Wedding in good faith. However, they have since asked for a different set to be used and we are happy to oblige.

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