23 Things That Might Just Be Sadder Than Sad Zip-Lining Kanye

But on balance, probably not.

You’ve probably heard about this picture by now.

:((((( Is there anything sadder than this? Let’s see.

1. Let’s start with moderately sad. This.

Flickr: johnath / Creative Commons

2. Dog in a shower. / dylannichols

3. Pain au chocolat.

4. Whenever this happens.

5. Anyone left hanging.

8. A friendless mosquito. / Cantfindone

Nope. This is sadder. Let’s step it up.

9. This child’s love life.

10. Any dog that wants its ball back but isn’t going near toilet water.

11. Capri-Sun trauma.

12. Anyone who photoshops themselves a My Little Pony girlfriend.

13. This woman having her birthday pancake rejected.

Nope. Ok then. Let’s really aim for those feels.

14. Leo at the Oscars.

15. Any dog that doesn’t get the joke. / HugoAtTGI

16. The first time you watch the first 10 minutes of Up.

17. The second time you watch the first 10 minutes of Up.

Pixar / Via

Also any other time.

18. A holiday turkey dinner for one.

19. A child getting choked up by a sad song.

20. Anyone walking a cabbage.

Lonely Chinese teens have taken to "walking" pet cabbages confirmation on this insane story?

— Patrick Chovanec (@prchovanec)

Still not sadder than this. Time to play hardball.

22. “Dad? Come on, you’ve got to get up!”

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

23. The time Rowley Birkin QC suddenly stopped being funny.

Close, but no cigar. This is the saddest image there has ever been or ever will be.

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