17 People Who Took On The English Language And Lost

It’s a tricky language. It’s not THIS tricky a language.

1. Anyone angry about the whole human bean race.

ID: 3010861

2. Anyone who fears for an escape goat.

ID: 3011909

3. Anyone scared a relative will die of beaties.

ID: 3010872

4. Anyone who wants to have sex on top of the ifold tower.

ID: 3010615

5. This person who just wants the kids to get it right.

ID: 3010925

6. This person looking for sex advice.

ID: 3011757

7. This motivational speaker.

ID: 3011775

8. Anyone eating pizzer.

ID: 3011852

11. This budding author.

ID: 3011875

12. Arron.

ID: 3011879

13. Anyone who gets angry about their girlfriend being insulated.

ID: 3011885

14. This person whose house smells.

ID: 3011899

15. Anyone who just wants to be happi.

ID: 3011894

16. People getting tared up.

ID: 3011892

17. And anyone concerned about this health issue.

ID: 3010877

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Alan White is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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