17 Harrowing Sketches Of Britpop Stars Suffering Everyday Problems

Jersey Milk Cow writes of his magnificent creation: “In the late 90s everyone suffered from pre-millennium tension. Now, over ten years later, these poor people continue to suffer the stresses and strains of modern day city living in the 21st century.”

1. Sice and Martin Carr of Wallasey’s finest export, the Boo Radleys, in an awkward gym situation.

ID: 2354264

2. Gene’s Martin Rossiter narrowly avoids being poked in the eye by an umbrella.

ID: 2354288

3. That one from Northern Uproar runs out of bog roll in a public toilet.

ID: 2354269

4. Rick Witter of Shed Seven is hassled by pigeons mid-Greggs.

ID: 2354275

5. Crispian Mills of Kula Shaker fame involved in an unfortunate carrier bag incident.

ID: 2354258

6. Nicky Wire involved in an ugly backpack incident on a train.

ID: 2354314

7. Mark Morris of the Bluetones finds what they say about buses to be true.

ID: 2354252

8. Suede frontman Brett Anderson is harassed by a street fundraiser.

ID: 2354290

9. Louise Wener of Sleeper fame steps in dogshit and then has to scrape it off on a kerb.

ID: 2354277

10. Jarvis Cocker perplexed in Morrisons.

ID: 2354280

11. A youth on the bus plays the latest hits on his mobile phone. Gaz from Supergrass not “Alright”.

ID: 2354285

12. Johnny from Menswear encounters an over zealous shopper.

ID: 2354292

13. The drummer from Dodgy can’t find his bank card at the cashpoint.

ID: 2354296

14. Richard Ashcroft and the militant cyclist.

ID: 2354267

15. Justine Frischmann from Elastica gets a parking ticket.

ID: 2354256

16. Graham Coxon, the old dear and the shopping trolley.

ID: 2354261

17. Liam Gallagher struggles on a busy commuter train with his fold up Brompton bicycle.

ID: 2354262

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