11 People Who Probably Shouldn’t Have Shared Their Thoughts Online

Might be best to take a time out, everyone. All statuses via @worst_status.

12. Bonus: beautician Gemma Worrall, who had a shocker and dealt with it admirably.

The tweet went viral and a meme was born…

God Save Our Barraco #barracobarner @BarracoBarnerUS

— matty2470 (@Mathew Ridyard)

#barracobarner ??? Yep...this world is f**ked! haha

— DavidDoran (@David Doran)

The media got involved.

@gemworrallx daily mail!

— cally__rose (@Cally Facer)

Gemma remained steadfastly bemused by the whole thing…

Boob a barnstormer, sorry what

— gemworrallx (@Gemma Worrall)

In fact, she was SO cool about it.

Being bombarded by the world and media wasn't on my list of things to do today

— gemworrallx (@Gemma Worrall)

Well played, Gemma.

Smart tweet by @gemworrallx #barracobarner. Now one of the UK's best known that was the plan all along

— BlueSeptIreland (@Blue September)

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