20 Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who Loves The Ganj


1. This heartfelt embroidery.

Available here.

2. This dress.

Get it here.

3. These keyboard stickers.

Available here.

4. This pair of friendship necklaces.

Get them here.

5. This sleek-ass iPhone case.

Available here.

6. This THC necklace.

Perfect for n3rds.

7. This THC embroidery.

Available here.

8. These catnip toys.

So you and Mr. Whiskers can enjoy your favorite pastimes together.

9. Wrap your gift in this delightful paper.

Get it here.

10. Dope on a rope.

It’s soap.

11. These stripper heels.


12. These glittery pasties.

Even more qt.

13. This sweatshirt.

It’s the end-all be-all article of clothing.

14. This print depicting how to roll a joint.

Available here.

15. This slightly less practical print of a happy dinosaur eating a pot leaf.

Available here.

16. These earrings.


17. This throw pillow.

Good for the lumbar.

18. These knee socks.

Available here.

19. This necklace containing literal marijuana seeds.

Get it here.

20. This lovely photo.

Why, what did you think I was suggesting?

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