33 Unexpected Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

You’ll be the only person at your Secret Santa handing out these guys, guaranteed. posted on

1. Cat Lady Sweater Brooch

Mroww. Get it for $15.

2. 365-Pack of Underwear

MeUndies sells them for a cool $3,250, but just think of all the time and hassle you’ll save each morning! (You can also get perfectly rad individual pairs for $20.)

3. You Smell Soap

Send a strong message for only $7.

4. IDGAF Sweater

Get it for $21.24.

5. His & Hers Pipes

For the couple that does everything together. Get the set for $69.95.


Get it here for $17.99.

7. Little Man Ear Cuff

Odds are someone you know will flip over this. And if not, GET NEW FRIENDS. Available for $11.99.

8. Cartoon Nail Decals

Lichtenstein would be proud. Or appalled. Idk. Get a set of 18 for $7.

9. Tim Burton Playing Cards

Add some spook to your cribbage match. Available for $5.

10. Emoji T-Shirt

For the #millennial in your #life. Get it here for $49.84.

11. Needlepoint Phone Case Kit

Make one yourself or give the kit away — it’s only $12.

12. Snow Globe/Sand Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers

Get the set here for $19.

13. Don’t Care Sweatshirt

Let your loved one say it all without saying a word. From $15.95.

14. Oil Absorbing Sheets

Get them here for $5.95 each.

15. Ear Key Ring

Ew/rad. Get it here for £3.99.

16. Slut Teacup

Available here for $28.

17. Pi Cookie Cutter

Settle the pie-vs.-cookie debate once and for all. Get it for $8.33.

18. Driftwood iPhone Dock

Nature meets technology. Available for $55.

19. Ice Cream Cone Soap

Do not eat it, even a little bit. Get it for $6.75 or choose from one of their other myriad shapes.

20. Book-Scented Perfume

For the word nerd in your life. Available for $98.

21. Grass Bookmarks


22. Lord Voldemort Tank

Voldy doesn’t get enough love. Get it for $15.

23. Bandage Sticky Notes

For an accident-prone pal. Get the set for $4.95.

24. Baguette Pen

It’s available for $4.95.

25. Saint Dolly Parton Prayer Candle

All those long-held dreams will be answered at last. Get it for $6.99.

26. Fox Face Underwear

IMPORTANT. Available custom for $39.

27. Dinosaur Crayons

One half toy, one half art supplies. Get a set of six for $8.95.

28. Eat Me Cookie Stamper

Chances are you know a hella sassy baker. Get it here for $16.50.

29. Apple Juice Computer Decal

HAHAHHAHA GET IT?! For sale for $6.99.

30. Kitten Mitt

Protect any cook’s fingers. Available for $7.

31. TARDIS Zippo

Available here for $39.99.

32. Ira Glass Plushie

Snuggle that charmingly reedy voice all night long. $15, and $1 is donated to the show with every purchase.

33. Map Cufflinks

For the world traveler. Available custom for $25.

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