19 Totally Bizarre Pieces Of Americana

“O’er the laaaaaand of the [steak], and the home of the [$7.99 belly button rings]!”

1. Steak

What’s more American than a giant hunk o’ meat?

2. Traffic Cones

Unless it’s sitting in sweltering bumper-to-bumper traffic along a major thoroughfare.

4. Eyeshadow


6. Belly Button Ring

9. Uncle Sam Dog Art

10. Uncle Sam Guinea Pig Pendant

12. Diaper Cover/Tutu

13. Secret Hollowed Out Book For Your Flask

14. Marshmallows

16. Hair

It’s the new ombré.

17. Horrifying Doll

18. Almost-As-Horrifying Doll Head Brooch

19. Mustache Pacifiers

For the America-loving hipster baby triplets in your life.

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