10 Tiny Homes You Can Actually Buy

They’re under 400 square feet total and are almost too adorable to be real. All for sale via Tiny House Listings.

1. This 128-square-foot teeny in Tennessee.

Cleaning your room will take five minutes tops. Listing here.

ID: 967424

2. This 273-square foot mini Maine dwelling.

You won’t have to worry about your in-laws inviting themselves over for weeks at a time. Check it out here.

ID: 967626

3. This 32-square-foot(!) itty-bitty wonder shack in Massachusetts.

The house and its builder, micro-architecture enthusiast Derek Diedricksen, were featured in The New York Times; it’s called the “Gypsy Junker” and is “made primarily out of shipping pallets, castoff storm windows and a neighbor’s discarded kitchen cabinets.” It’s a steal at $1200.

ID: 967504

4. This relatively spacious 384-square-footer in Maine.

Still not big enough that you’ll ever lose anything ever. Check it out here.

ID: 967441

5. This 198-square-foot baby cabin on wheels in Colorado.

Listing here.

ID: 967553

Which features the cutest kitchen of all time.

That is a truly innovative magnetic knifeblock.

ID: 967555

And the coziest bedroom.

If this doesn’t make you want to curl up in bed then we have nothing more to say to each other.

ID: 967556

6. This 140-square-foot mobile Texas micro-house.

Listing here.

ID: 967595

Cat not included.

ID: 967602

7. This 216-square-foot pint-sized caravan in Oregon.

It’s on wheels like many of the others, so if you don’t like your neighbors or hate the smell of the nearby burrito-cum-pizza place, just get up and move. Listing here.

ID: 967660

8. This 312-square-foot houselet in Arizona.

Your landlord will never vanish in the middle of the night, leaving you to fix your inexplicably perpetually-flushing toilet all by yourself. Listing here.

ID: 967651

9. This 120-square-foot minute shack in California.

Listing here.

ID: 967708

Just think of all the memoirs you’ll write.

ID: 967711

10. This 192-square-foot petite home in Minnesota.

The porch is perfect for knitting, sipping lemonade, and contemplating your blessedly clutter-free life. Listing here.

ID: 967604

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