18 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Make Out Of Jeans

Recycling is wonderful, but please remember: denim is for butts, not for shoes or plants.

1. Planters

The whole point of nature is that it doesn’t have to wear pants.

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3. Stools

This looks like it could murder you.

ID: 969684

4. Shoes

ID: 969653

5. Potholders

Oh, very.

ID: 971806

6. Lampshades

ID: 969689

7. Purses

You’re essentially rummaging around in a crotch every time you need your Chapstick.

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8. Couches

On the bright side, if you lose anything in the couch you can always just check one of the many pockets.

ID: 971800

9. Chairs

And you’ll never have to worry about leaving a jeans stain (known in some circles* as a “juke stain”.

*Unclear which circles

ID: 969690

10. Corsets

ID: 971797

11. Christmas Stockings

Merry Christmas from your butt.

ID: 971798

12. Bikinis

Denim yarn should be deployed sparingly. (Although not this sparingly.)

ID: 971809

13. Dolls

ID: 971811

14. Lace-Up Jorts

ID: 971810

15. This.

Cool change purse.

ID: 971807

16. Yoga Pants

ID: 971813

17. America

ID: 971815

18. Uggs

There is a strong chance that these violate the Geneva Conventions.

ID: 974389

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