6 Tumblr Users Who Are Not Their Celebrity Heroes


1. The best Tumblr of 2012 is “Am I Beyoncé Yet?”

According to the beautifully simple description: “Every day I will look into the mirror to check if I’m Beyoncé and then post the findings here.”

So far, he or she does not appear to be Beyoncé.


2. This aspiring Miley Cyrus never made it past Day #1.

3. This future Lady Gaga got discouraged.

4. It must be tough to become One Direction considering there’s five of them.

5. This person gave up before he or she even attempted to be Lindsay Lohan.

There is not a single post. Reasonable.

6. Here we have a promising soon-to-be Taylor Swift.

But the quest seems futile.

Hey everyone, don’t worry; there’s always 2013!

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

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