24 Super Bowl-Themed Crafts You Can Buy This Very Second

Better stock up on 49ers birdhouses.

1. Ravens Apron

Buy it here.

ID: 834001

2. 49ers Toffee

Buy it here.

ID: 834090

3. Ravens Bathing Suit Bottom

Because swimming in February is the most reasonable. Buy it here.

ID: 834037

4. 49ers Birdhouse

Birds is fans too. Buy it here.

ID: 834062

5. Crocheted Baby Hats

Some Etsy sellers are wicked savvy and made products to support both teams. Buy these here.

ID: 834105

6. Knitted Can Cozies

Sweet marketing, y’all. Buy them here.

ID: 834093

7. Rotary Phone iPhone Docks

I mean I don’t I can’t okay. Buy them here.

ID: 834075

8. 49ers Glitter Heels

Buy them here.

ID: 834167

9. 49ers Toms

If the heels are just too much to handle. Buy them here.

ID: 834164

10. Ravens Gift Box

Buy it here.

ID: 834102

11. Kaepernick Jersey Earrings

Buy it here.

ID: 834184

12. Ravens Wine Glasses

Buy them here.

ID: 834115

13. Ravens Painting

ART. Buy it here.

ID: 834117

14. 49ers Tissue Box Cozy


ID: 834174

15. Ravens Hat

Real talk, this could haunt your dreams. Buy it here.

ID: 834118

16. Ravens Ribbon Wreath

Say that five times fast. Buy it here.

ID: 834121

17. 49ers License Plate

Buy it here.

ID: 834170

18. 49ers iPhone Case

Buy it here.

ID: 834176

19. Ravens Tutu

Available here.

ID: 834133

20. 49ers Mason Jar Cups

Mason jars are the alpha and omega of crafting. Buy these here.

ID: 834178

21. Ravens Wood Art

Buy it here.

ID: 834144

22. 49ers Dog Hoodie

Buy it here.

ID: 834188

23. Ravens Bling Buckle

It costs $395 (AKA a total steal). Buy it here.

ID: 834141

24. And if you’re totally bipartisan/ don’t care at all, just dress your baby as a human football and call it a day.

Buy it here.

ID: 834067

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