18 Temporary Tattoos That Are Perfect For Halloween

Even if you’re a total makeup/face-paint novice, you can look killer in no time.

1. Cheetah Spots

Bring out your wild side here.

ID: 1761903

2. Pop Art

You COULD watch hours and hours of YouTube tutorials, or you could buy this.

ID: 1761906

3. Forehead Wound

Sweet lobotomy.

ID: 1761919

4. Mustache

Make all your hairiest dreams come true.

ID: 1761970

5. Scaregrow

Available here.

ID: 1761910

6. Broken Doll


ID: 1761909

7. Bret Michaels

Because of course.

ID: 1761925

8. Axl Rose

Get them here.

ID: 1761926

9. Superbaby

Just because your baby isn’t born doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a costume.

ID: 1761932

10. Sugar Skull

Available here.

ID: 1761914

11. Wings

You can be everything from an angel to a cockatiel.

ID: 1761935

12. Claw Marks


ID: 1761918

13. Zipper Eyes


ID: 1761913

14. Sailor Tats

Available here.

ID: 1761954

15. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

Great for your Gravity costume.

ID: 1761960

16. Rag Doll

Available here.

ID: 1761924

17. Cat Face

Get the set here.

ID: 1761966

18. And if all else fails:

Short, sweet, and to the point.

ID: 1761922

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