24 Sweet Ties Your Dad Definitely, Totally Wants

Because ALL DADS LOVE TIES. It’s the cardinal rule of Father’s Day.

1. Abraham Lincoln Tie

“Four score and seven [dads] ago…” Available here.

2. Grumpy Cat Bow Tie

For dads who hate everything. Available here.

3. Colorblocked Tie

Stylin’. Available here.

4. Burger Tie

Available here.

5. Denim Tie

Jeans for your dad’s neck. Available here.

6. Wooden Bow Tie

Witchcraft. Available here.

7. Cat Tie

EVEN MORE WITCHCRAFT, show me one cat who would actually allow you to put this on it. Get it here, if you’re brave.

8. Circuit Board Tie

Available here.

9. Madonna Print Tie

Creepy-cool. Available here.

10. Batman Bow Tie

Get it here.

11. NYC Subway Map Tie

Even dads sometimes get lost. Get it here.

12. Constellation Bow Tie

Get it here.

13. Matching Tie T-Shirts

Because who really has time to TIE a TIE, let alone TWO. Set available here.

14. Corgi Tie

Available here.

15. Burning Sun Tie

Understatedly powerful. Get it here.

17. Dapper Fox Tie

For silver foxes or just the regular kind. Available here.

18. Ghost Tie

ooooOOOOOOOOOooooooo. Get it here.

19. Cheese Tie

Get it here.

20. Doctor Who Tie

Available here.

21. Space Shuttle Tie

Available here.

22. Harry Styles Bow Tie

Maybe your dad just really loves One Direction. I don’t know, I don’t know your dad. Get it here.

23. Nautical Striped Tie

America <3. Available here.

24. Light Up Tie

You’ll never lose your dad at night again. Get it here.

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