24 Sweet Ties Your Dad Definitely, Totally Wants

Because ALL DADS LOVE TIES. It’s the cardinal rule of Father’s Day.

1. Abraham Lincoln Tie

“Four score and seven [dads] ago…” Available here.

ID: 1156311

2. Grumpy Cat Bow Tie

For dads who hate everything. Available here.

ID: 1156286

3. Colorblocked Tie

Stylin’. Available here.

ID: 1156301

4. Burger Tie

Available here.

ID: 1159559

5. Denim Tie

Jeans for your dad’s neck. Available here.

ID: 1159658

6. Wooden Bow Tie

Witchcraft. Available here.

ID: 1156526

7. Cat Tie

EVEN MORE WITCHCRAFT, show me one cat who would actually allow you to put this on it. Get it here, if you’re brave.

ID: 1156663

8. Circuit Board Tie

Available here.

ID: 1156359

9. Madonna Print Tie

Creepy-cool. Available here.

ID: 1156510

10. Batman Bow Tie

Get it here.

ID: 1156295

11. NYC Subway Map Tie

Even dads sometimes get lost. Get it here.

ID: 1156706

12. Constellation Bow Tie

Get it here.

ID: 1156737

13. Matching Tie T-Shirts

Because who really has time to TIE a TIE, let alone TWO. Set available here.

ID: 1159448

14. Corgi Tie

Available here.

ID: 1156723

15. Burning Sun Tie

Understatedly powerful. Get it here.

ID: 1159733

17. Dapper Fox Tie

For silver foxes or just the regular kind. Available here.

ID: 1159704

18. Ghost Tie

ooooOOOOOOOOOooooooo. Get it here.

ID: 1159528

19. Cheese Tie

Get it here.

ID: 1159577

20. Doctor Who Tie

Available here.

ID: 1159678

21. Space Shuttle Tie

Available here.

ID: 1159644

22. Harry Styles Bow Tie

Maybe your dad just really loves One Direction. I don’t know, I don’t know your dad. Get it here.

ID: 1159683

23. Nautical Striped Tie

America <3. Available here.

ID: 1159747

24. Light Up Tie

You’ll never lose your dad at night again. Get it here.

ID: 1159696

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