Some Terrible People On Twitter Have Decided That It’s "Fat Shaming Week"

Really good work, human race.

1. On Monday, Return of Kings, a blog “for heterosexual, masculine men,” announced it would devote its space that week to fat shaming.

“Hurting people’s feelings is the quickest way to get them to change,” the kickoff post reads, “as any man who has been rejected by women can tell you (we can get laid today only because we’ve adapted to being shamed and punished for our appearance and beta male behavior over the course of many years).”

The post concludes, “We have decided as a group that fat shaming is essential in creating a society of thin, beautiful women who are ashamed for being ugly. Let the fat shaming begin!”

2. A Twitter account promptly sprang up to collect the tweets.

3. Some provided *advice.*

One of the downsides of obesity is that you run the risk of being harpooned for whale oil when shit hits the fan. #FatShamingWeek

— A_Legionnaire (@The Legionnaire)

7. Some resorted to *logic.*

There's a reason why Gluttony and Sloth are deadly sins. #FatShamingWeek

— Beppo_Venerdi (@Beppo Venerdì)

Fat people have the same type of mental disorder as trannies, and it's called delusion. #FatShamingWeek

— JacquesJournal (@Jacques LeActeur)

9. While others simply handed down unsolicited verdicts on other peoples’ bodies.

2 Masters and a PhD won't compensate for you having the size and mass of a small asteroid #fatshamingweek

— Beppo_Venerdi (@Beppo Venerdì)

Attention Fat Chicks: Having big boobs because you're obese doesn't count as "having a huge rack." #FatShamingWeek

— tuthmos (@Tuthmosis)

If your thighs touch, you're fat. #fatshamingweek

— LaidNYC (@LaidNYC)

Fat girl at the drugstore, when I had to squeeze around her for taking up most of the aisle: "excuuuuse meee!" #FatShamingWeek

— tuthmos (@Tuthmosis)

Bitches are getting so fat, the only thing stopping them from going to the gym is the door frame. #FatShamingWeek

— Jineterismo (@El Jinetero)

Is that back fat or an extra set of titties. Women are confusing. #FatShamingWeek

— BTheManimal (@B The Manimal)

No need for this #FatShamingWeek but I'm not going to lie, it's good for my game. The big girls will come crying to me.

— NigelBigGame (@Nigel Big Game)

Not a lot of women participating in #FatShamingWeek. Because women are the bigger part of the problem (pun intended). They condone being fat

— Feisty_Woman (@FeistyWoman)

Thanks guys for making this possible. Every week should be #FatShamingWeek

— emfoes (@Juan San Villalobos)

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