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30 Rad Home Goods You Didn’t Know You Could Buy On Amazon

It’s basically your new Ikea, except you don’t have to get off your butt.

Canopy is a magical new site that curates beautiful, functional items from Amazon.

According to Kyle Vanhemert in WIRED, the site was “created by a group of former Google designers without any official affiliation to Amazon,” and that design background shows: Canopy is a clean, Pinterest-y breath of fresh air compared to the visual horrorshow that is Amazon’s own display.

It makes it insanely (some would say ~ too ~) easy to discover unexpected stuff you’d actually want to buy, rather than simply searching for items you already know that you want. Here is just a sampling of those items, all under $100.

1. Bubble Wrap Calendar, $23

2. Rocking Cradle Chair, $91

3. Tissue Holder, $10

4. Edison Bulb, $8

5. Set of 4 Soapstone Shot Glasses, $25

6. Footed Candle Holder, $7

7. Fish Hotel, $33

8. Warehouse Shade, $34

9. Jumbo Key Magnet, $15

10. Mortar and Pestle, $30

11. Log Cushion, $13

12. Sauce Pan, $70

(This is a VERY NICE sauce pan, lest that price tag scare you off.)

13. Oak Side Table, $59

14. Wooden Alarm CLock/Stereo Speaker, $55

15. Canvas Market Bag, $58

16. Set of Wall Planters, $78

17. Set of 4 Copper Mugs, $85

Ideal for drinking Moscow Mules.

18. House-Shaped House Key, $8

20. Cork Desk Organizer, $75

21. Stoneware Utensil Jar, $35

It comes with wooden utensils.

22. Organic Cotton Throw Pillow, $50

23. Set of 2 Ripple Towels, $18

They come in a huge variety of colors.

24. Nested Measuring Cup Set, $10

25. Woven Wastebasket, $51

26. Duplex Birdhouse, $14

27. Set of 2 Tea Towels, $18

28. Clear Cube Planters, $50

29. Geometric Candle Holder, $39

30. Lego Ice Tray, $8

Fun for kids*.

*By “kids” I mean “every adult with a soul,” obviously.

h/t WIRED for this pocket-emptying discovery.

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