20 Signs You’re Addicted To Makeup

No shame in a flawless face.

1. You’ve caught yourself making the dreaded mascara face.

And you don’t even care anymore.

2. You live by this truth.

Which can make everyday consumption of pop culture pretty tough.

3. Your eyeliner skills have gone from this:

4. Your eyeshadow abilities have gone from this:

Marv Films / Via

5. And your lipstick artistry has gone from this:

6. This is your porn.

It can do anything you want. ANYTHING.

7. You’re super proud of your restraint.

8. (And get wicked annoyed when someone tries to call you out.)

Don’t need your sass, Maury.

9. You’ve coveted a fictional cartoon character’s makeup.

Disney / Via


10. Removing waterproof mascara is a fate worse than death.

11. …making this one more reason to envy Mulan.

Disney / Via

Take my money and give me that makeup remover.

12. Ridiculous shade names don’t faze you at all.

Water My Melon? Asphyxia? No problem.

13. There’s makeup residue on everything within ten feet of you.


14. You will never, so long as you have life and breath, turn down a free sample.

Even if it’s a color you will never ever wear.

15. And this is always the best day of your month.

Ten dollars is basically free, right? RIGHT?!?

16. You just can’t avoid being late sometimes.

u just dont ask someone with winged eyeliner why they are late for something

— pradalol (@LongHairProbs™)

17. But you’re also a champ at getting ready on the go.

No matter how dire the circumstances.

18. You know this deep and abiding pain.

19. And this one.

20. This is you, every single day.

Haters to the left, please.

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