15 Invaluable Lifehacks Every Dog Should Know

Just because you don’t have opposable thumbs doesn’t mean you can’t live life to the fullest.

1. Get a haircut to instantly reduce half of your body mass.

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2. If you hide your bone, you get another bone.

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3. Can’t see you = can’t bathe you.

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4. Wedding gowns make great beds.

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5. So do donkeys.

ID: 1605018

6. And dishes.

V. good way to multitask.

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7. And each other.

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8. For an easy and dramatic night look, try a hot-pink lip.

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9. All you need are some bedsheets and some buddies for a memorable Halloween costume.

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10. Protect yourself from the elements with a dogbrella.

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11. If a cat bothers you, sit on it.

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12. Banish FOMO forever with a fanny pack.

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13. Use this ingenious trick to make eating way more efficient.

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14. As the old adage goes, “She who shows her belly gets it rubbed.”

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15. Get fame and fortune instantly by starting a blog.

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