10 Inexpensive Minimalist Rock Posters To Make Your Walls Awesome

Designer Mike Joyce has just released Swissted, a book of 200 tear-out vintage rock posters he’s reimagined. SO MUCH HELVETICA.

1. The Velvet Underground

Quirk Books

This is pretty much the most efficient way to get 200 posters ever.

ID: 995566

2. Bikini Kill

Quirk Books
ID: 995594
Quirk Books
ID: 995597

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Quirk Books
ID: 995604

5. The Jesus and Mary Chain

Quirk Books
ID: 995607

6. The Sex Pistols

Quirk Books
ID: 995612

7. R.E.M.

Quirk Books
ID: 995618

8. Germs

Quirk Books
ID: 995624

9. Jawbreaker

Quirk Books
ID: 995629

10. 7 Seconds

Quirk Books

If you happen to find yourself in Brooklyn, the powerHouse Arena is currently hosting an exhibition of the posters. And if you don’t (or even if you do), you can find the book here.

ID: 995631

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