21 Clever Ideas To Vastly Improve Your Halloween Pumpkins

You’re so much better than a standard-issue grinning face.

1. Turn a basic pumpkin into a totally-not-basic burger.

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2. Make bird feeders out of gourds.

ID: 1642532

3. And hedgehogs with string lights.

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4. Pumpkins are only impressive if they’re ~designer~.


ID: 1643194

5. Or if they’re Pac-Man-inspired.

JK, all pumpkins are special and beautiful.

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6. You can have a cannibal pumpkin.

ID: 1660759

7. Or a pumpkin with a skull.

ID: 1662622

8. Pay homage to objectively the greatest Halloween movie of all time.

ID: 1662687

If carving seems daunting, use paint instead.

ID: 1662681

10. Use mini pumpkins to make balloons for an Up tableau.

Ain’t no pumpkin like an Up-style pumpkin ‘cause an Up-style pumpkin is tear-jerking.

ID: 1662722

11. Paint oblong pumpkins to look like Minions.

ID: 1662642

12. Make a pug-kin.

ID: 1662711

13. Or a spider.

ID: 1662757

14. Gourds make wide-open owl eyes.

ID: 1667068

15. Carrots make knobbly noses.

ID: 1667127

16. Big pumpkins make truly excellent beer holders.

Decorate them with their respective labels.

ID: 1662836

17. Mini pumpkins can become adorable votives.

ID: 1662927

18. Pinterest has never met an object it couldn’t cover in melted crayon art.

ID: 1662923

19. Showcase your brand loyalty.

ID: 1663130

20. And your vices.

ID: 1662969

21. Where words fail, pumpkins speak.

ID: 1662673

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