How To Throw A (Relatively) Classy Bachelorette Party

Nary a manhood-shaped popsicle nor pasty in sight.

1. Instead of some lame bar, go to a BYOB art class.

Studios, like New York City’s Paint Along, are starting to pop up across the country and offer group rates for private parties.

ID: 1075501

2. Up the ante with a *figure-drawing* class.

It’s halfway between going to a strip club and a museum, amirite?

ID: 1075517

3. Or a cooking class.

This “DJ Chef” cooking class looks especially promising.

ID: 1075637

4. Class up your invites.

Available here.

ID: 864538

5. Or make them totally playful.

Get them here.

ID: 864558

Regardless of whether the wedding is destination or two blocks away, these boarding pass bachelorette party invites are adorable.

ID: 1075460

7. Personalize champagne bottles.

Customized labels available here.

ID: 868751

8. Make Jell-o shots special* by arranging them into a cake.

*Or at least less dorm-room-y. This was made by Jelly Mongers but you could make your own with your favorite jello shot recipe.

ID: 868757

9. Invest in some glittery photo booth props.

Available here.

ID: 868699

10. And a glittery garland.

Get it here.

ID: 864530

11. If you do go to a bar, subtly announce that you’re celebrating impending nuptials.

You can stick these in all manner of beverages. Available here.

ID: 868731

12. Go camping.

Although you can go as fancy as you want. (Apparently there is a term for this and it is called “glamping.” Do with that what you will.)

ID: 1075562


Major bonus points if you wear thrift store dresses you don’t mind ruining, like this intrepid bridal party. It’s recommended that you “do it a couple of weeks out from the wedding so your bruises disappear.”

ID: 1075675

14. Think you’re past the point of sleepovers and pillow fights? Wrong.

This group surprised the bride with a huge grown-up pillow fight.

ID: 1075761

15. Give each guest a punchy gift box.

Tiny Absolut bottle non-negotiable.

ID: 1075743

16. Or a custom tote.

Available here.

ID: 1074818

17. Or a vintage bottle opener.

Get them inexpensively here.

ID: 1075403

18. Make Chippendale cookies.

This is still way more elegant than what it could be, okay? Directions here.

ID: 1076244

19. Make up your own version of Jeopardy.

Ask questions about the bride, the groom, Game of Thrones, yarn, or whatever else you guys happen to like a whole bunch. Also I have no earthly idea what a “boozy fish” is but I want one right now.

ID: 1076153

20. Take morning-after mugshots.

Chronicle the debauchery for the whole internet to enjoy.

ID: 1076332

21. Send everyone on their way with some much-needed swag.

Available here.

And if you’d like a little more phallus in your bachelorette party, check out this post (NSFW, naturally).

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