15 Delightful Things Found In A Grandma Museum

“Over the course of my life my grandmother gave me hers through these gifts.” From The Grandma Museum.

1. The Grandma Museum is a site founded by design studio Doubledot.

It’s comprised of hundreds of objects given to Doubledot cofounder Sarah Koik by her grandmother. “Over the course of my life,” Sarah wrote about the museum, “my grandmother gave me hers through these gifts. We decided to catalogue these objects to capture a life over two generations, and the broader sentimentality of receiving gifts from a grandmother.” Visitors are invited to submit pictures of objects as well, which are featured on the site’s blog.

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2. The museum features conventionally grandma-y things like jewelry…

ID: 1023665

5. Sound advice…

ID: 1023536

6. Craft supplies…

ID: 1023573

9. And mittens.

ID: 1023694

10. But it also contains lots of other strange and wonderful knick-knacks.

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13. And a vast array of tools.

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To see many more of the artifacts or submit your own, check out The Grandma Museum.

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