Here’s An Insanely Easy Way To Customize Your Ikea Furniture

You don’t need power tools or DIY skills to use these specially-cut decals.

1. Sites like Thismykea and Panyl provide a much-needed service in a sea of Ikea samey-sameyness.

They sell pre-cut decals to decorate the most popular Ikea furnishings (like the BILLY bookshelf that graces the homes of every living human ages 18 to 36*). Each set of decals is available in a variety of options and colors, and they’re a breeze to install.

*rough estimate.

ID: 3659386

2. Make over your MALM dresser.

Get it here.

ID: 3659125

3. Pixelate an EXPEDIT storage unit.

Available here.

ID: 3659319

4. Add woodgrain to your BESTÅ TOMBO cabinets.

Available here.

ID: 3659111

5. Stripe up that ubiquitous BILLY bookshelf.

Get it here.

ID: 3659121

6. Or turn it into a fantasy landscape.

Available here.

ID: 3659355

7. Punch up your KALLAX cabinets.

Available here.

ID: 3659240

8. Add some color to your LÄTT table and chairs.

Buy it here.

ID: 3659268

9. Turn your LACK table into a work of art.

Buy it here.

ID: 3659294

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