23 Delightful Pieces Of Faux Taxidermy Where No Animal Actually Died

Make or buy these awesome, cruelty-free home decor items and rest easy knowing the blood of a jackalope is not on your hands.

1. DIY Mounted Piñata Head

To commemorate screaming matches at fifth birthday parties.

ID: 1097331

2. Orange Resin Antlers, $45

Available here.

ID: 1097039

3. Sleepy Giraffe Head, €58.00

Get this, or another custom-made bust from the artist, here.

ID: 1097060

4. Mr. Fox, $220

Pay homage to your favorite children’s book (even though the real Mr. Fox would never let himself get caught).

ID: 1097076

5. DIY Washi Tape Antlers

This is insanely easy and temporary enough to jazz up even the most strictly-regulated dorm room.

ID: 1097563

6. Wire Deer Head, $80

For a minimalist take.

ID: 1097083

7. DIY Wire Deer Head

Or make your own.

ID: 1097474

8. Hadrosaurus Head, $199

Everyone will believe that you spend your weekends hunting dinosaurs.

ID: 1097095

9. Glossy Miniature Elephant Head, $55

Get it here.

ID: 1097053

10. Woodland Plushies, $35 each

Perfect for a nursery, as long as you’re okay with the off-chance of your kid sustaining residual nightmares about headless toys.

ID: 1097128

11. DIY Faux Taxidermy Ornaments

Directions here.

ID: 1097326

12. Tiny Ram Head, $70

For the littlest Victorians.

ID: 1097135

13. Silk and Plaid Jackalope, $300

Get it here.

ID: 1097237

14. Folded Paper Deer Heads, $9 for three

Available here.

ID: 1097261

15. DIY Cardboard Deer Head

Directions here.

ID: 1097333

16. Jackalope Necklace, $35

Available here.

ID: 1097268

17. Deer Rear, $20

This is so perfect.

ID: 1097281

18. DIY Paper Mache Zebra

This Anthropologie item was meant to be knocked off.

ID: 1097460

19. Mounted Tentacle, $25

Sea creature deserve to be posthumously displayed too.

ID: 1097285

20. DIY Crocheted Rhino

Find the pattern here.

ID: 1097350

21. DIY Knitted Deer Head

Find the pattern here (in French).

ID: 1097406

22. Mounted Bicycle Handlebars

Who says taxidermy has to be of living things at all? Find out how to mount your own or buy a pre-made set here.

ID: 1097399

23. Zombie Trophy Head, $149

For the ultimate undead decor.

ID: 1097108

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