11 Fantastic Improvements To Everyday Objects

Artist Christoph Niemann reimagines things you’d find around the house in totally new situations.

1. Christoph Niemann’s work has appeared everywhere from the cover of The New Yorker to The New York Times Magazine.

He’s also the author and illustrator, most recently, of Abstract City.

ID: 3314245

2. For the past few months, he’s been sketching scenes around everyday objects and posting the images to his Instagram.

ID: 3314248

3. He’s made art from Post-Its:

ID: 3314250

4. Glasses:

ID: 3314251

5. Avocados:

ID: 3314252

6. Tangled earbuds:


ID: 3314253

7. A salt shaker:

ID: 3314255

8. A piano:

ID: 3314256

9. Keys:

ID: 3314261

10. Pliers:

ID: 3314266

11. And a paintbrush:

ID: 3314262

Check out his Instagram and website for much, much more excellent work.

h/t Neatorama.

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