23 Everyday Objects That Are Delighted To See You


1. This ecstatic trash receptacle.

ID: 3592874

2. This cheery doorjamb.

ID: 3592924

3. This peaceable and potassium-riddled banana.

ID: 3592938

4. This beaming gauge.

ID: 3592893

5. This radiant pair of condiment holders.

ID: 3592968

6. This paper towel dispenser that thinks you look swell today.

ID: 3593143

7. This grater that knows you can do anything you set your mind to.

ID: 3593078

8. This beatific sidewalk.

ID: 3592997

9. This joyous toilet.

ID: 3593210

10. And this merry urinal.

ID: 3593347

11. This contented dresser.

ID: 3593132

12. This thrilled grill.

ID: 3593242

13. The happiest speaker in all the land.

ID: 3593268

14. This rock that can’t get over the vastness and possibility of the universe.

ID: 3593282

15. This chair that just had a million-dollar idea.

ID: 3593311

16. This bread that’s wishing you a lovely morning.

ID: 3593534

17. And this coffee that’s ready to greet the day in style.

ID: 3594734

18. This blithe box.

ID: 3594984

19. This dopey yet lovable bag.

ID: 3594207

20. This parking meter that’s in unusually high spirits.

ID: 3594925

21. This pot that knows you’re the next Martha.

ID: 3595252

22. This bike that’ll go anywhere with you.

ID: 3595256

23. This house that is so glad you’re home.

ID: 3594957

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