20 Downright Bizarre Free Things You Can Find On Craigslist

Time to get that set of iguana sombreros you’ve always dreamed of.

Every one of these was listed in the “free” section of various Craigslists, from New York City to Anchorage.

Sadly, many have already expired or been claimed, but that is the entropy of this vast universe we inhabit, and their memories live on here.

ID: 2940936

1. This vagina couch.

ID: 2936323

2. This gently used sex swing.

Thanks a heap, Biff.

ID: 2936326

3. These festive lizard hats.

ID: 2936338

4. This poor delinquent daughter’s booze.

ID: 2936375

5. Your final resting place.

ID: 2936407

6. (Don’t worry, there’s also one for your dog.)

ID: 2936419

7. This toy that’s also a harbinger of death.

ID: 2936410

8. These life-changer dog diapers.

ID: 2937856

9. This hot dog art.

ID: 2936428

10. This ass-produce.

ID: 2936469

11. This boat that won’t float.

ID: 2936479

12. This.

ID: 2936516

13. These bits n’ pieces.

ID: 2936539

14. These unloved lil’ jelly beans.

ID: 2937161

15. This new friend.

ID: 2937318

16. This staggering collection.

“Please help me”

ID: 2938104

17. This crime fighter.

ID: 2937364

18. This senselessly violent piece of furniture.

ID: 2937524

19. This day-brightener.

ID: 2937169

The beautiful and terrible thing about Craigslist is that it is constantly replenishing; check your local (or far-flung) listings for a veritable treasure trove of your very own.

ID: 2940925

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