24 Incredible Cakes Inspired By Books

Eat your words.

1. Where The Wild Things Are Cake

I don’t know if I want to eat it or cuddle it. By Charm City Cakes West.

ID: 1263895

2. Vintage Book Cakes

From The Wilton Yearbook of Cake Decorating (1974).

ID: 1263885

3. Infinite Jest Cake

Maybe this’ll be easier to digest than the tome it’s based on. By Straight Outta Chocolate.

ID: 1263912

4. Harry Potter Cake

There are SO MANY. This one is by Charm City Cakes. (Yes, *that* Charm City Cakes.)

ID: 1264994

7. Monster Book of Monsters Cake

By Something I Whipped Up.

ID: 1267025

8. Sorting Hat Cake

By Love to Cake.

ID: 1267064

9. Very Hungry Caterpillar Cupcakes

By Coco Cake Land.

ID: 1267412

10. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cake

By Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai.

ID: 1265000

11. Human Sexual Response Cake

Ew/yum. By Murtra Pastelería.

ID: 1265007

12. Twilight Cake

Apparently it was decorated with edible gel mixed with vodka.

ID: 1265029

13. Southern Fiction Cake

This was made for an absolutely beautiful wedding in Tennessee.

ID: 1266781

14. Book Cake Slices

ID: 1266946

15. Goodnight Moon Birthday Cake

Hope that Ari, age 2, fully appreciated this masterpiece. By Mary’s Cake Shop.

ID: 1266652

16. Vintage Books Wedding Cake

By Boulby’s.

ID: 1266823

17. Penguin Classics Cake

ID: 1266973

18. Dr. Seuss Cake

By Fancy That Cake.

ID: 1267062

19. Cat in the Hat Cake

By .

ID: 1267073

20. 60th Birthday Book Cake

By Reverie Cakes.

ID: 1266907

21. Fashion Book Cake


ID: 1267271

22. The Neverending Story Cake

By Say It With Cake.

ID: 1267223

23. Little Book Cupcakes

ID: 1267058

24. The Giving Tree Cake

Don’t cry on it. By Jujubay.

ID: 1267190

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