18 Amazing Pieces Of "Game Of Thrones" Swag You Can Buy Online

In honor of the impending third season. Bet you didn’t know you needed a “Winter Is Coming” thong until this very minute.

1. Tiny Crocheted Jon Snow

Now you can cuddle him all you want. (Weird? No. Shh.)

ID: 1011610

2. “Game of Thrones” Magnetic Poetry

If this won’t help you keep track of all the names, nothing will.

ID: 1011607

3. Map of Westeros-Printed Skirt

Available here.

ID: 1011609

4. Baratheon Pub Ale Labels

Drink every time you see blood or a boob. (Just kidding, don’t do that, you’ll die immediately.)

ID: 1011611

5. Dire Wolf Scarf

Bye, haters. Available here.

ID: 1011616

6. “Winter Is Coming” Thong

No words. Available here.

ID: 1011615

7. Stark Family Nesting Dolls

Available here.

ID: 1011628

8. Khaleesi Mug Cozy

It’ll keep your coffee almost as warm as dragon fire.

ID: 1011617

9. “Pointy End” Cross-Stitch

Available here.

ID: 1011618

10. Adorable Cube Direwolf

Omg, cuteness is coming. Available here.

ID: 1011620

11. “The Night Is Dark” Eye Chart

Available here.

ID: 1011619

12. Totally Real* Dragon Eggs

*Not real.

ID: 1011621

13. “I’d Eat A Horse Heart For You” Card

If there’s a better way to tell someone you love them, I’d like to hear what it is.

ID: 1011622

14. Tyrion Lannister Earrings

For those who have always dreamed of having Peter Dinklage’s face forever hanging from their earlobes.

ID: 1011623

15. “Winter Is Coming” Banner

For fun parties.

ID: 1011624

16. George R. R. Martin Made Out of Legos

Available here.

ID: 1011625

17. Stark Family Wine Charms

Available here.

ID: 1011627

18. “Katleesi” Print

Okay cool, whatever makes you happy. Available here.

ID: 1011626

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